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I have a small job. The City is requiring Signed and Sealed Drawings. What do I do ?

The Cities (or Counties) require signed and sealed drawings because the Florida Building Code requries them to. Under many circumstances, you are allowed, as a homeowner to do your own plans but it is up the City and their particular rules to require to do so. Most Building Departments are very helpful in walking you through the steps and requirements and will at times even have pre-drawn sketches of items that people do every day such as trash enclosures and fences.

The people at the building departments are there to ensure the public safety. That is why, under many circumstances, they will require a drawings done by an architect or an engineer so that the design will be professionally done and backed up by a professional with years of experience and with insurances. You can call us and we will also help you with whatever you need.

I have a stop-work order (also known as a "red-tag"). What do I do?

If you received a stop-work order, that means that you were performing work without a permit or even worse, when the previous owner did work without a permit. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that permits must be pulled and the work is "illegal" and now must find an engineer or an architect to rectify the situation. Under the best-case scenario, you have done the work exactly to the code and at times will require a certification letter from an engineer to get you past the problem.

This happens in very few cases. Under a worst-case scenario, whatever was built must be demolished completely because it will be cheaper to tear it down rather than to make it work according to current code. The most likely scenario is one where we will go out to the jobsite for a one-time fee and assess the issue. Once we get a picture of the problem, we will be able to tell you the magnitude of the problem and how much it will cost to get a certification letter, or to put plans together that can be handed in to the building department. Call us to set up an appointment.

I need a 40-year recertification. What can I do?

40 year recertifications are a mandate of the Florida Building Code so that older buildings are inspected by a professional engineer to certify that the building is acceptable for occupation by the public. We perform these inspections. Please call us for a quote.

I want to do an addition to my house. What can I do?

This is a very complicated question. If you are doing an addition to your home, you must have a good idea of what it is that you want. Certain basic questions are...how big do I want it?...is there enough space where the city will allow me to put the addition considering my setbacks?...do I want the area air-conditioned...is my electrical panel big enough for the additional circuits?....how do I make the roof lines match so that the addition looks like it was part of the original construction?...etc, etc, etc. Here at Benchmark Contracting have done many additions over the years and have the expertise to help you out every step of the way. Call us for a quote for a design.

Do you do Home inspections and inspections for insurances (mitigation)?

No. Home inspections are better performed by companies who dedicate themselves to this task. Look under "Home Inspection" in the yellow pages. We do not perform insurance mitigation inspections either. Most insurance companies allow these inspections to be performed by Licensed General Contractors which are typically cheaper than a full-fledged Professional Engineer.

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